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Inductiva Benchmarks for Open-Source Simulators

Welcome to Inductiva Benchmarks, your destination for benchmarking simulation software in the cloud using Inductiva API!

Inductiva Benchmarks serves as your trusted guide in selecting the right simulation hardware for your needs. Our comprehensive benchmarks provide valuable insights into the performance, speed, and scalability of various simulation packages and hardware options, helping you make informed decisions with confidence. Additionally, our benchmarks help you choose among the fastest, cheapest, or best value-for-money hardware configurations for your specific needs.

Inductiva currently benchmarks the following open-source simulation packages:

These benchmarks are run on a variety of hardware configurations in containerized environments (please consult Kutu, our open-source repository containing the scripts used to build our containers). Some details on the hardware configurations we support are available on the hardware page.

With our platform and our benchmarks, you can make the best decision for your simulation needs. Feel free to explore our simulators and our API documentation and reach out to us with any questions and/or feedback.