Three-Dimensional Currents

Last Updated on: 2024-04-10

This benchmark focuses on the S1 simulation as outlined in the paper "Modeled Three-Dimensional Currents and Eddies on an Alongshore-Variable Barred Beach", authored by Christine M. Baker, Melissa Moulton, Britt Raubenheimer, Steve Elgar, and Nirnimesh Kumar (2021). To better suit the purposes of this benchmark, we limited the simulation duration to 10 seconds to ensure that each simulation completes within approximately 20 minutes when running on the slowest machines.

Software versions

The software versions used in this benchmark were the following:

Component Version
OpenMPI 4.1.3
SWASH 10.01
gcc, g++, gfortran 10.2.1 20210110 (Debian 10.2.1-6)
kernel 5.10.0-26-cloud-amd64

Execution times comparison

Faster execution times are better

Cost vs Time

The following plot shows how the execution times and costs vary with the number of cores for each machine family. AMD-based machines provide the best performance for the cost, with the c2d and c3d families being the most cost-effective.